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Bridal Henna

   East to West Henna strives for each client to have a fun, relaxing, stress-free & special experience in applying their 

Bridal Henna.

    For Brides-to-be, all packages include a FREE consultation and 1-inch Henna sample (if desired). Design preferences and ideas are exchanged and discussed, as well as pricing, special requests and additional relevant details.

   Custom Bridal Henna Designs are created to honor and celebrate the uniqueness of each Bride and Groom's story and union. Some of the favorited things to add into the Bridal Henna Design are the Groom's name, dates, symbols, skylines where each is from, representations of special hobbies/ interests, face profiles and more.

     As a professional Fine Artist as well, Heather has the drawing & design skills to create a one-of-a-kind, highly detailed Henna Design, custom made just for you. Whatever your imagination holds, East to West Henna can make your Bridal Henna Dreams come true!

Bridal Packages

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Bridal Henna Packages range from $160-$720


                             *** FULL 

  • Very Full, intricate & traditional Henna/Mehndi covering hands & arms to the elbow and feet and lower legs to 3/4 of the shin.

  • Time estimate: allow for 7-9 hrs   (depending on the detail involved)

  • Price range: $560-$720                            (price varies based on the specific design details)

                        ** MODERATE 

  • Full henna design, but with more space , intricate henna designs of hands/wrists & feet/ankles

  • OR partial coverage of hands, arms, feet & legs

  • Time estimate: allow for 5-6 hrs           (depending on the detail involved)

  • Price range: $400-$560                            (price varies based on the specific design details)                                                                                                         *LIGHT 

  • Some coverage of hands and partial wrists & feet

  • Mandalas & Strip Designs offer simple yet elegant options for Light Bridal Henna

  • Time estimate: allow for 2-3 hrs           (depending on the detail involved)

  • Price range: $400-$560                            (price varies based on the specific design details) 

                            Specialty Pieces

  • Bridal Garters

  • Honeymoon Henna -                              (Henna near intimate places on the body)

(image for reference only)

(image for reference only)


  • Schedule your consultation appointment early to pick out your designs and discuss arrangements, timing, the specifics of your services and to pay your deposit to secure your date.                                                                         

  • Schedule your henna application at least 24 to 48 hours  before your wedding ceremony. Night time is best. Henna needs about 48 hours to reach its darkest stain develop to its richest color.                                                                                

  • If you are planning on having  a Mehendi (Henna) night, or for Bridal party, close friends and family- please plan to begin your Henna/Mehendi session at least 2-4 hours before your guests begin arriving so that you will be nearly done with your Henna application, so you will have more time to enjoy your guests and your event.                                           

  • Manicure, pedicure, waxing and spa treatments or massages should be scheduled at least 1-2 days before your henna application. Waxes, heavy oils and spray on tanners will prevent the dye molecules in the henna from penetrating the skin, stopping the henna from developing fully, therefore making it only a very light color. Manicures and Pedicures involve soaking and exfoliation that will ruin your henna.                                    

  • Plan to keep your Henna out of water and avoid exposing your henna to detergents or soaps. Wear latex gloves before showering, or have someone else help you.                                                                                                      

  • Wear comfortable clothes on the Henna application day, prepare to have someone with you that can help you get things in your purse, or go to the bathroom or feed you if you get hungry. Enjoy the pampering!                                  

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